Mary Sherris – Orlando’s Attorney of the Year 2020

As seen in Orlando Style Magazine September 2020 Issue. “Empowering others to take charge of their own lives again,” is part of Mary Sherris’ life mission. Mary is a first generation Greek-American and knows firsthand the sacrifices that her parents made so that she could enjoy the rights of being an American. She seeks to…


Is False Imprisonment a civil cause of action? False imprisonment is both a criminal offense and a civil cause of action. In Florida, a civil claim for false imprisonment requires an intentional restraint, under circumstances that were unreasonable, unwarranted, and without legal authority that caused harm. Proving your claim To prove a false imprisonment claim…


Scam Alert: Online military romance scams have been coming to our attention more than ever. Fraud and scams are always horrific but the worst scams deal with faux romance. We find it despicable and want to make as many people as possible aware of this romance scam. Beware of the “Military” Romance. Recently, a wonderful…

Comparative Negligence in Florida – What you need to know

Florida is a Comparative Negligence state. But what does that mean? When someone has been injured due to an accident or some other way, it may be difficult to determine who is at fault. There are several types of negligence. Comparative negligence allows every party to be responsible for the percentage of negligence that they…

Eligibility for VA Disability Benefits

Applying for VA Disability benefits can be a lengthy process, and if done incorrectly can set our service men and women further back in their hopes of being compensated due to an injury sustained while serving our country. The biggest issue in applying for VA disability benefits is making sure that you in fact disabled…

Your Role when Applying for Social Security Disability

Applying for social security disability may seem like a daunting task but with a little organization and an understanding of your role as the claimant in the process, it can become something tangible with lifelong benefits. The easiest way to streamline the process of applying for social security disability may seem very mundane and simple,…

  • “We tried a bigger law firm and they were cold and not very helpful. Sherris Legal has gone above and beyond for us!”

    John Kreuter – Altamonte Springs

  • “They were all great, kind, caring and personable. Alex and Mary really made every issue or question I had personal. I couldn’t have dealt with this lawsuit without them…”

    Wesley McVay – Orlando

  • “Your office worked very hard to help me understand the process and get as much of a cash settlement as I could. Thank you.”

    Angela – St. Cloud, Florida


Our office is conveniently and centrally located in beautiful Downtown Orlando, Florida in the Plaza building.n
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