Product Liability

The courts often refer to product liability as the legal concepts that allow a person injured by a defective product, such as an automobile, drug, or household item, to seek compensation for injuries against the designer, manufacturer or seller of the product.

Just about any product is capable of causing injury. Every year we discover that a drug or a food additive is causing sickness or death. Some auto airbags have been known to have deployed at the wrong times or to have deployed at excessive force. These are only examples of the injuries caused by defective products in our society where millions of consumer products are purchased each year.

In order to detect and to prove that a defective product caused or contributed to a serious injury or death it is necessary that experts review the circumstances. Normally, this effort starts with the suspicions of an experienced personal injury attorney who has investigated and prosecuted defective product claims on behalf of other victims, or is familiar with similar cases. The attorney has access to national databases of product defects, product recall campaigns, and applicable standards. He or she also has relationships with experts in product design, manufacturing practices, and specific defects. There are experts with specialized experience in every product line.

The attorneys at Sherris Legal have investigated, litigated and settled defective product claims. We are pleased to provide a free consultation in situations in which an injury or death has occurred and there is the possibility that a defective product was responsible.

Each state has specific statutes of limitations that would forever bar a claim against a manufacturer or seller of a defective product. It is essential that an attorney be consulted as soon as there is any suspicion of a defective product in order to learn the applicable statute of limitations.

Waiting or performing an investigation on your own can take vital time away from an attorney to prosecute your claim. The attorneys at Sherris Legal can quickly do research and give you important information that can assist you. Remember, speaking to an attorney at our firm does not cost anything. You have nothing to lose by consulting a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney.

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