Veterans Disability

Veterans Disability law safeguards that those honorable men and women that have served our country in the Armed Forces are provided the compensation that they are entitled to. A veteran is entitled to compensation when they are able to show that their disability is service-connected.

Service-connected could mean any of the following:

(1) the veteran’s medical condition was directly caused by military service,

(2) the medical condition occurred while they were in the military,

(3) the medical condition was aggravated by military service, or

(4) the medical condition was caused by other conditions that the veteran has, that are in fact themselves service-connected.

Unlike the all or nothing approach to disability in regard to Social Security, VA service connected disability is made through disability payments. They are established based upon the veteran’s disability rating. The disability rating is based upon the degree of the veteran’s current disability. It is thus shown as a percentage that directly corresponds to the monetary amount that the veteran receives every month. VA service-connected disability payments were established in order to protect our service men and women. They provide compensation for their ultimate sacrifice in fighting to protect our country every day. The Department of Veterans’ affairs can at times lose sight of this purpose. Ultimately the laws can be not in favor of the disabled veteran.

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