Social Security Disability


America is the land of opportunity and work.  It’s what our country has been based on for hundreds of years.  We educate and train ourselves our entire lives to provide for ourselves and our families. Unfortunately, and not by choice, some of us are not so lucky.  We may get injured, or get sick, and we simply cannot continue working and earning a living.  It is for this reason that there is a Disability section of the Social Security law in our country.  If you are a person who has worked hard; has paid the required amount of your FICA (Social Security) taxes;  and your doctor says that you cannot work anymore, then you are probably entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

Benefits of Social Security Disability

Social Security pays benefits to people who cannot work due to a medical condition that is expected to last at least one year.   However, social security does not provide for partial disability or short-term disability.  So when should you apply?  You should apply for disability benefits as soon as you become disabled.  More than half of first-time applicants are denied disability benefits.  An experienced attorney can assist you with the process of applying and appealing denied claims, which can increase your chance of approval.

They will use medical evidence from your doctors, hospitals, and clinics where you have treated to determine your qualifying medical condition. Contact us at Sherris Legal, P.A. to find out if you are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits and more.

At Sherris Legal, P.A. we have clients who come to us because they know we can and do take a case from the very beginning to its conclusion.  We will file your initial paperwork.  If you have already been denied Social Security Disability benefits, we can assist you with your appeal. And we can help you if you have already qualified for Social Security Disability and must prove that your disability still exists.

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