Welcoming the New Year: Covid-19 in 2021

We are excited about the New Year and all the new opportunities it may present.  As is often the case, we do carry forward some unfinished business from 2020.  We are not alone, and like you we also have Covid-19 to contend with in the New Year.  However the future is bright on that front. …

What is a Section 1983 Action?

A section 1983 action refers to 42 U.S. Code §1983. It provides the right under federal law to sue state employees or any others acting “under color of state law”. Section 1983 is a means to enforce existing civil rights not a creation of new rights. Section 1983 reads as follows: “Every person who, under…

Mary Sherris – Orlando’s Attorney of the Year 2020

As seen in Orlando Style Magazine September 2020 Issue. “Empowering others to take charge of their own lives again,” is part of Mary Sherris’ life mission. Mary is a first generation Greek-American and knows firsthand the sacrifices that her parents made so that she could enjoy the rights of being an American. She seeks to…

Florida’s PIP 14-day rule – What you need to know

If you are a Florida driver, you need to know Florida’s PIP 14-day rule. Medical insurance coverage is essential for you and your family. Medical coverage is the peace of mind that you can take care of any future health problems. On the other hand, it can be very stressful if your family members get…

History of the lawyer as a profession

How did the profession of a lawyer originate and what is their history? As a first generation Greek American, I have been accustomed to making fun loving statements like “The Greeks invented that!” They were often made in gest…whether they did or not.  The history of Greece is so rich and evident in our every day…

  • “We tried a bigger law firm and they were cold and not very helpful. Sherris Legal has gone above and beyond for us!”

    John Kreuter – Altamonte Springs

  • “They were all great, kind, caring and personable. Alex and Mary really made every issue or question I had personal. I couldn’t have dealt with this lawsuit without them…”

    Wesley McVay – Orlando

  • “Your office worked very hard to help me understand the process and get as much of a cash settlement as I could. Thank you.”

    Angela – St. Cloud, Florida


Our office is conveniently and centrally located in beautiful Downtown Orlando, Florida in the Plaza building.n
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