Sherris Legal supports the He Got Up! Orlando Serve Foundation in Central Florida. Recently, Sherris Legal assisted the underprivileged at the He Got Up! event in Orlando, Florida. Sherris Legal’s mission was to provide legal services and in educating people on their legal rights. The Sherris Legal staff helped people who were candidates for social security disability. Unfortunately, many disabled people are unemployed. Helping them receive benefits they are eligible for can help them get on their feet again.

The He Got Up! event is a dynamic event helping thousands of people. To this end, the event began with an uplifting Sunday service that featured celebrities, inspirational speakers and talented musical acts.  In addition, the He Got Up! event continued with a separate community services fair which connected people in need. Therefore, these services included a host of legal, medical, clothing, shoes, hygiene and other resources. Additionally, there were onsite job fairs with the goal of helping lift more families out of poverty.

Senior pastor Tim Johnson for Orlando World Outreach Center, is the driving force behind He Got Up! Accordingly, Orlando Serve Foundation exists to affirm and ignite partnerships to restore and strengthen individuals and families in need. Moreover, the Orlando Serve Foundation is committed to the vision of He Got Up! Orlando. They focus on giving a hand up. In conclusion, Sherris Legal proudly supports He Got Up! Orlando Serve Foundation.