Sherris Legal sponsors charity golf for the homeless at Debary Golf & Country Club in Volusia County this year. Filling the need of this fragile group in society lines up with the core values of Sherris Legal. Of course, among the golfers were attorneys Mary Sherris, Jimmy Sherris, Phil Stiles, and Tom Vaughn. Other supportive members of the community included several chiropractors, realtors and community charity leaders. It was a fun day for a great cause to support charity Feed the Need.

To begin with, Feed the Need of Central Florida focuses on feeding both the individual needs in our communities and the collective.  The foundation of our culture centers on their “core 5†values. These values direct the efforts and operations in all they do.  Lastly, their core values focus on spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially supporting those in need.

Sherris Legal also supports the underprivileged by assisting the disabled with social security disability. Disability commonly leads to homelessness when the person is unable to hold a job. Another underserved group is our disabled veterans. We assist them with qualified applicant with their veterans disability applications to obtain financial assistance.

Sherris Legal sponsors charity events of several different organizations in the community that support the underprivileged.

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Golfers celebrate a great cause.
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Golfing for charity at Debary Golf & Country Club