FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 4, 2023 Contact:  Ed Guerrette;

Bradley Beals lawyer withdraws from civil battery case.

Bradley Beal, individually and through his attorney, made statements to reporters which portrayed Kyler Briffa as having harassed Beal, and having made inflammatory comments regarding Beals family, his race, his character and integrity, presumably aimed at justifying the battery against Briffa.  Video evidence shows otherwise.  As a result, statutory notice of our defamation claim was provided to Mr. Beal and his attorney last week, giving both an opportunity to retract said statements and to apologize to Mr. Briffa. 

No retraction or apology was made, even though those false statements were damaging to Mr. Briffas reputation.  Beals attorney, Dan Morgan has since advised that he is no longer representing Mr. Beal.    

On April 10, 2023, Bradley Beal made the following public statement in response to a reporters question about Beals March 21, 2023 altercation with Kyler Briffa: 

Nobody wants to lose money. I get it. If you keep it about sports, I’m all for it,” Beal said Monday. “But I think it’s when people start getting personal, talking about your family, talking about your character, your integrity towards the game. I think all of that, we can save it. We can really keep those comments to ourselves.”

On April 19, 2023, Mr. Beals former lawyer made a statement to TMZ regarding the March 21, 2023 altercation, which read in part:

Bradley Beal’s attorney, Dan Morgan, is slamming the new lawsuit … calling it “frivolous litigation” — while promising “there will be no settlement” with the accuser.

“he (Kyler Briffa) is now trying to change the narrative,” Morgan said. “We will make sure the standard is clear — you can’t harass people, call them racial slurs, talk about their family, insult their character and then turn around and sue them on top of that.”

Video of the altercation shows that Kyler Briffa did not speak to Bradley Beal prior to being struck.

-End Statement-