Applying for social security disability may seem like a daunting task but with a little organization and an understanding of your role as the claimant in the process, it can become something tangible with lifelong benefits. The easiest way to streamline the process of applying for social security disability may seem very mundane and simple, but it is to get your ducks in a row. The more information that a claimant can provide on their application, the better result they will achieve, and the best and most effective way in doing this is through your medical records.

Having organized medical records is one of the number one tips in applying for social security disability. In terms of organization it is in the best interest of your application to have the dates in which you received care at a facility or office, what services/treatments/tests/etc. you received at these locations, the names of any doctors or medical providers that provided you these services, any and all medications with dosages that were prescribed to you by these treating providers, and the address and contact information for any and all facilities, hospitals, treatment centers, or offices that you, as the claimant, received treatment at.

Once all of your medical records are gathered and in check, the next step would be to create a file with all this information and scan everything over to your attorney or legal representative that is helping you with your case. By providing your attorney with this information, you are making their job easier and ensuring that the application they submit for you will have all the necessary information to state your case and make you the best possible candidate for receiving social security disability. By working alongside your attorney throughout this process and providing all the necessary information that is required, you will likely find the process completely manageable and not something to dread.