The Sharing Center and Mary Sherris have joined forces. We are so proud to introduce you to this amazing charity that serves the underprivileged in Seminole County, Florida. Sherris Legal P.A. has identified and supported this charity for years for their good work. This year Mary Sherris was voted on the Board of Directors of The Sharing Center to serve a three year term. This special charity provides essential services to those in need while ensuring dignity, reflecting Christian generosity and sharing God’s love. Since 1986, this charity has focused on easing the burdens of poverty.

Hunger Relief 

The Sharing Center houses the Pantry, the largest free food resource in the County, which provides essential groceries for those families experiencing hardship.

Oasis for the Homeless

The Oasis is very unique to The Sharing Center. The Oasis offers a refuge, a safe-haven for the homeless to receive warm showers, laundry service, computer access, special care backpacks, and compassionate support. A person in need can take a shower while they are washing their clothes. And then have lunch.

How you can help

The Sharing Center fundraises for those in need throughout the year. Through the Bless Our Soles fundraiser, you can bless a child this holiday season with a new pair of shoes! There are so many different ways to help. They accept monetary donations, food, clothing, furniture and even your generous time as a volunteer. We even have a program that assists family with the initial costs of housing. We are excited to report that 90% of every donation is used to prevent hunger and homelessness. That is really something to be proud of!!

Mary is looking forward to bringing her legal expertise to The Sharing Center and to contribute to the development of this exciting and life changing charity. Learn more about this fast growing non-profit organization at